Monday, November 3, 2008

Family and Love

This is a poem that I originally wrote for my grandmother's 80th birthday.

Family and love, love and family are really two words that mean the same
More important than money, career, possessions or fame
Family and love are the most important things in our life
I have been lucky to quite a bit of both especially in finding my beautiful wife
Family and love mean several different things to me
Granny B's chicken n' dumplings and pies made with love and care
Working on scouting badges with Mom, without her help I wouldn't have made Eagle Scout
Deer hunting with Dad even though we were never a threat to the deer
Playing games with Greg even if we usually ended up in a fight
Having the opportunity to live with Laura as adults, which allowed us to become much closer
Going to Reelfoot Lake with Grandpa Elza, Dad and Greg and catching the limit
Sneaking out with Uncle Gayle for a early morning breakfast before everyone else woke up
Hearing Uncle Jack say "you want to wrastl'"
Hearing Aunt Barb giving out orders at family reunions
Playing dominoes with Granny B and Grandpa Fred
Getting to play with my nephews when I visited
But I really learned about love and family after I reached the low point in my life
I quickly reached one of the high points of my life when I met and married my beautiful wife
She then gave me the greatest gift of love you can receive my three daughters that I adore
I also had family and friends rally around me, giving me their love and prayers in my time of need
I have been truly blessed in my life with lots of love, friends and family that is really what life is about

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