Friday, April 10, 2009

My Dad

My dad was my friend
He was a coach, teacher and mentor
My dad was my supporter
He always encouraged me to do my best without pushing
My dad was my buddy
He took me hunting, fishing and played games
My dad was my ally
He always defended me against those who would hurt me
My dad was my helper
He would make sure to be there to assist me when I needed it
My dad was a family man
He dedicated himself to love and support his family
My dad was a dentist
He devoted himself to his patients needs always mindful of their pain
My dad was a philanthropist
He was a generous man who gave without recognition
My dad was my pal
I miss him and wish he were here to see the great grandpa he would be

(I wrote this many years ago)

I need to add the greatest words I ever heard was "I am proud of you son"! It was 23 years ago today that he died and I hope I am making him proud of the man I have become because his life is my yardstick and I can only pray that I come close to the standards he set for himself.

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