Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life is GOOD!

Today once again proved to me how fortunate and blessed my life is. Even though today we were dealing with a minor issue that seemed bad it's only temporary but life made clear to me how insignificant the problem was. First, a neighbor asked Lisa if she could get his step-son from the school bus because he and his wife were splitting up and she had left to get a new stripping job since she was fired from another one and he had to go to school. They have two little girls of their own as well. Then Jordan, my youngest, comes home from preschool talking about her friend who will be coming to school tomorrow with no hair because of her chemo-therapy. Why does this have to happen to this little girl?

My life dealt me a tough break 16 years ago when I was diagnosed 16 years ago next week with A.L.S. but then again October 8th also marks my 15th year of marriage to Lisa, the most incredible and beautiful woman and who has given me three incredible and beautiful daughters. I have a truly blessed and wonderful life! Sometimes we need a reminder from life that if we're happy, healthy and have the love of family and friends then life is great regardless of little issues we're dealing with at the time. Life is good for me and has been for everyday I have had after that fateful day nearly 16 years ago. Be well and happy!

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