Sunday, November 9, 2008

Am I Making a Difference?

I often wonder, "Am I making a difference?" This is not a question of self worth but rather one I believe is missing in society today. Often it seems that as a society we are more worried about money, celebrity, appearance, being entertained, proclaiming our faith or lack of it etc. that we have forgotten to ask ourselves a fundamental question. I don't pretend that I haven't fallen prey to the aforementioned trappings so I am not casting aspersions on anyone who does but the recent economic hardships, political campaigns and some items I have seen and read makes me wonder about the priorities and mindsets we have as a society. We will drive our kids all across the country to participate in sports yet educationally our children as a whole are falling behind. We are ready to shell out money for the latest trends or a $5 cup of coffee yet become indignant at helping out our brothers and sisters who are in difficult circumstances. We allow mouthpieces on both sides of a political issues spew the most divisive, offensive trash without consequence yet we forget that on 99% of an issue we agree. People have actually become and exclaim fear because of these commentators who play to the lowest and most profane parts of our human nature. The most troubling recent development for me as a Christian is reading statements or characterizations of the Christian faith such as “Conservative Christians”, “put on your Christian armor” or the worst of all actually questioning someone else’s expression of Christian faith. I do not claim to be either a Bible scholar or have any more insight on Christianity than anyone else but for me being a Christian comes with no other label than that. Neither does the teachings of Jesus have anything to do with armor since he freely associated with the most undesirable of society. If our Christian FAITH is so weak that we must put on armor to protect us from any other viewpoints shouldn’t we question our own strength of faith? Finally, how any Christian can cast conclusions about another person’s life especially their Christianity is against everything I believe as a Christian. He who is without sin can cast the first stone.

I often feel like Don Quixote since I am unsure if I really make a difference with my life or am I just fighting an imaginary good fight. I guess this is a self doubt we all have and must battle everyday but I will continue to wake each day and try this fight the good fight, improve in the roles I have as a friend, son, brother, husband and father and most of all try even in the small ways make a difference to IMPROVE our world. There are three extremely important reasons why I have and will continue to do this despite the barriers in my life Kelsey, Emily and Jordan. I am determined to leave a better world, a better more peaceful existence for my daughters!

Jeff Lester

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