Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Memories

As I sit here daydreaming this lazy summer day watching the cotton ball clouds float across the pale blue sky my mind drifts to summers past when my body was young and things were simpler. A warm breeze blowing across my face and tousling a thick head of hair which is now increasing bare. The smells and feel of a lake, river or ocean as I float, fish, swim or frolic with friends or family. The sense of sweat running down my face and back as I worked in the melon fields, played ball, climbed mountains, swung a club, rode from motorcycles to horses and mowing the yard in the sticky southeast Missouri summer sun. The smell of chlorine and Coppertone at the pool and the coming of age at the realization of the blessing of bikinis and girls tanning themselves with baby oil and iodine while hoping a well placed splash might compel a more bountiful view. The sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Chicago, Aerosmith, Cool & the Gang, Bon Jovi, Footloose Soundtrack and so many others coming from a radio, car stereo, boom boxes or sound system creating the soundtrack of a summer’s good times. The smells and tastes of grilling steaks or burgers, catfish fry, fried okra and squash and of course iced sweet tea or a ice cold Bud depending on the occasion. Trips to Daytona Beach, Colorado, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago and Houston.

Among my fondest memories are sitting by the Mississippi River waiting for the ferry while American Pie played while seeing Dad and Mom hold hands and dance with my sister asleep in the backseat of the car and my brother fell in the water trying to catch a piece of driftwood. Some other word associations that only some of you who were around may understand: Benton dances, Current River, The Plantation, The Sports Complex, summer loves, FBLA conventions, Country Club, Jaycee Pool, Sonic/Cardinal Drive-ins, two-a-days, La Jolla, Columbia/Tan-tar-a, Kimos, Kramer, mini-farms and the rodeos. These are the flood of memories as I sit daydreaming on this beautiful day!

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