Thursday, June 11, 2009

Deciding Your Life's Path

The following is my advice for someone struggling with their diagnosis of ALS but I believe it can be helpful if applied to anyone's life.

The progression phase of ALS particularly a rapid one is difficult to cope with because everything is in flux and it always seems like a new challenge confronts you daily which is overwhelming. Hopefully you can get your footing again so to speak and find a new life's purpose given your limitations. I can assure you that the rapid changes do slow down and stabilize because frankly there becomes less for ALS to take away. My next advice will be hard to read but it's the best thing for you to regain control and happiness. I would advise you to take like a week and really confront what you want to do with your life. Do you want to go on a ventilator or not and make a decision for what you truly believe is best for YOU alone. If it is to let the ALS run it's course then you should quit worrying about dying and start going about LIVING the best remainder of your life that you can have. If it's to vent start working on building a new life with goals and aspirations despite the obstacles of ALS. Either decision is absolutely liberating because it removes you from the hell of living in the unknown where you simply waste the opportunity to have a terrific remainder to your life's journey regardless if that is short or longer. The family and friends must respect whatever you decide and if they can't either they or you have to say goodbye and move on separately. This is my best advice for your situation. Be well and happy!

Jeff Lester

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