Friday, May 29, 2009

Response to Youth's Angst

The following is in response to a complaint about older, selfish professionals.

Boy youth is wasted on the young. You miss some critical points in proposing your shortsighted view. First and most serious issue for everyone under 50 (I am 42), is the little matter of Social Security and Medicare going bankrupt in about 10 years if the older generation follows your antiquated advices and retires at 65. This is a very real threat to your future earnings potential and if your suggestion is the course taken everyone will be working much more and receiving substantially less for their labor.

Now for the central assumption you put forth which is that the young offer new and better ideas for the future. This is pure bunk since outside the military, education and a few remaining unionized industries (ironically all of which have a set retirement age), the successful professionals who you so unceremoniously dismissed as selfish and just taking pay for contributing little have not only EARNED their position but apparently continue to create greater value than their potential replacements have reliably demonstrated since for the most part we have an at will labor market. Even your recession argument is laughable because statistics show that older, male labor have taken the brunt of the downsizing companies have done. Your argument might have some weight if not for the fact that companies are either having to outsource or import the professionals with the necessary skills that fulfill their labor needs. Maybe this economic downturn is exactly what the younger generation needs the slap in the face that you’re entitled to nothing. That you have to earn your success by developing the skills needed in the future to generate more value than their predecessor was able to create. Quit asking for things to be just handed to you.

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